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ICO/STO services

ICO/STO Advisory

Kryptoia is the leading ICO/STO Advisory in the world. Led by our chief consultant -Dunstan Teo, ‘Top Google Ranked ICO Consultant’- 9 years in the crypto industry. Our ICO/STO consultancy team are well equipped with industry knowledge and updates to better serve our clients.


ICO/STO Consultation and Strategy

We combine deep business insights with a strong understanding of how blockchain technology can impact existing business infrastructures and operations. Developing blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses We take a tailored approach to shaping the future of every client we manage.


Token Economy and Structure.

Tokenomics play an integral role to make an ICO successful. Tokenomics means to create the network effect of the utility/security/hybrid token that is suppose to run through and power the ecosystem of the ICO so that the token has greater value. View Why Tokenomics is important? 


ICO/STO Marketing and Communications

Effectively positioning and communicating the real-world solution that your technology addresses builds strength for your project; leveraging the right blockchain-specific channels and media to create momentum sets you up for success. Our team of blockchain, smart contract, and cryptocurrency experts are ready to embrace your brand’s vision and showcase it to the world.


Restructuring of Company Management and Advisory Roles

Suitable manpower and advisors would be highlighted to the company so as to acquire and further build a stronger narrative in the eyes of the cryptosphere.


White Paper Writing/Review

One of the most important things that a crypto investor looks at would be the white paper and we know what tickles their senses the way it should! Our white paper will come with great copywriting and image illustrations.


Listing of ICO/STO to Exchanges

We will guide the clients and help them through the hassle of getting their tokens listed on the exchanges; with the client bearing the costs of listing. We are able to connect the clients to top exchanges.


Creation of Narrative

A coherent narrative is extremely important. A good crypto investor would be basing their initial judgments by looking at how the company structure the product/service; the marketing and publicity must flow to form a seamless picture.

Our expert team at Kryptoia will assist the company in creating that narrative.


PR / Press

We plan with the company regarding the different press releases that they can activate during different phases of their ICO.


ICO/STO Planning

This portion consists of assessment of business plan, analysis of business model, roadmapping the token structure with business alignment. We provided full end to end services.


Digital Wallet

Our expert team here at Kryptoia have the technology and digital tools such as The Vault to make it faster and easier for you to start your fund raising process as soon as possible. Our digital wallet also can help to Air Drop tokens at the initial phase of the ICO.


ICO/STO Website

The website is the first touch point for most potential crypto investors. Having an outstanding website and amazing UI / UX will definitely leave a positive impression for potential crypto investors. Our in house development team will help you with this.


ICO/STO Corporate Video

Our in house video production team will help you to create an impactful corporate introduction of your team and business. Check out our Kryptoia videos here.


ICO/STO Explainer Video

Facts tell, stories sell. A short self-explanatory video for the ICO project is essential and important to communicate the message to the market. Our video production team will create a storyboard together with you to create this video.


Investor Dashboard (through Vault)

Curated by our expert team at Kryptoia. All our ICO projects are listed in The Investor Dashboard (The Vault) and any fundraising are done through The Vault to ensure a more secured and trusted process. We can provide this development for ICO use.


Blockchain Wallet

Our expert technical team at Kryptoia will help develop the blockchain wallet for the ICO projects to distribute the tokens to the buyers.


Blockchain Tech

Our expert technical team at Kryptoia will consult and work with the client to develop their blockchain technology depending on their ICO project needs. Eg, ERC20, NEP5, NXT etc


ICO Pitching Events

Kryptoia has done multiple Full Room crypto and private events to help the ICO projects pitch and gain more awareness in the market. Some of the events are Assets of the Future, We are kryptos and Whale tank Live. We help to organize/create private and public events for ICO branding, marketing and investors relation. View our events creation here.

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